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The forum_holzbau, a platform shared by Munich Technical University (DE), Vienna Technical University (A), Helsinki Technical University (FIN), the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences (DE), the University of Applied Sciences Biel / Bern (CH) and the University of British Columbia (CAN), has made an excellent name for itself in recent years through organising conventions of a very high quality. These interesting conventions address and develop special subjects such as „energy-efficient construction“, „Timber Bridges“ or „Acoustic in Wood Constructions“.

The „flagship“ of forum_holzbau conventions is the Internationale Holzbau – Forum (International Timber Construction Forum) held in Garmisch / Partenkirchen (DE) which has become one of the world’s largest timber conventions. More than 1,400 specialists for timber construction, engineering, architecture and design join experts from construction and approval authorities once a year to get to know the latest developments in timber construction and to exchange experiences.

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“Garmisch goes to Italy!”

A similar convention was held for the first time in Verona with outstanding success – the Forum Legno Italia.timbertrend organises the convention in cooperation with the forum_holzbau. In addition to conveying knowledge, the focus was clearly on a shared exchange of experiences and the development of an Italian “timber construction network“.

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